Our Curriculum

The CLIMB curriculum is driven from six separate training categories a disciple needs to effectively fulfill the “Great Commission” (Matt 28:19) . CLIMB’s vision (in relation to discipleship) is to: train them, equip them, and send them out. CLIMB’s curriculum categories define the areas of the disciple’s needs, and then provides the line of courses to meet those training needs.

Perspective (The why category).
The vision of the Great Commission needs to be imparted and explained.

Core Courses: Why Missions, The Call, The Cost, Modern Missions, Mission Thesis.

Personal Growth (The who category).
Christian Leaders and missionaries need spiritual maturity.

Core Courses: Prayer, Stewardship, Leadership, Healing, Service, Spiritual Gifts, Preaching.

Understanding The Times (The when category).
Christian leaders and missionaries need to know our place in God’s overall plan of history and to understand the biblical worldview.

Core Courses: Intro to Biblical World View, Principle Approach, Providential History, Reformation, Apologetics, Church History, The Church Today, Conflict Management.

Biblical Studies (The what category).
Christian leaders and missionaries must be familiar with biblical truth and the basic doctrines of Christianity.

Core Courses: Biblical Foundations, Acts of the Apostles, John, Ephesians, Minor Prophets, Ministry Gifts, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Ezekiel, Pentateuch, Pauline Epistles.

Practical Ministry Knowledge (The how category).
Christian leaders and missionaries need knowledge of mission and evangelism techniques and understanding cultures.

Core Courses: Cultural Dynamics, Short Term Mission Trips, Spiritual Warfare, Discipleship, Hermeneutics, Church Planting.

Theology (The beliefs category).
Christian leaders and missionaries need to understand their core Christian beliefs as compared to other religions and religious sects.

Core Courses: Christian Doctrine, Attributes of God, Theology 1, Theology 2, Theology 3.