International Schools

CLIMB International Bible Institute Program

CLIMB International Bible School offers a curriculum (available in 12 languages) to peoples anywhere through-out the world. The curriculum is a 3-phase 450 hour course study and is intended to be used in a classroom setting.

Successful completion of:  phase 1 yields the student with a “Certificate in Bible Studies”, phase 2 an “Associates in Bible Studies”, and a  “Bachelors in Biblical Studies” on the completion of phase 3.

CLIMB offers International Bible School materials in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Languandeze, Swahili, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, simplified Chinese (partial Mandarin), Homeric and Urdu.

You, your church, or bible study can initiate a Bible College outreach. We will work directly with you (and the outreach) to assist and maintain a new international Bible School.