Start An International School

You Can Start an International Bible College

Imagine, what a difference you can make by establishing a Bible college over-seas where none other is founded. A hub and base of a gospel education whereby new preachers and teachers can be sent out to the remotest regions of the world.  In many parts of the world, one who has had any education (let alone holds a degree) gains great respect and is awarded much credence and authority to what they proclaim. Provide them with a solid Bible-based education and let them proclaim Christ.

For a one-time fee of $300.00 you (your church or bible study) can sponsor a CLIMB Bible College over-seas. The fee includes materials for 20 students to complete phase 1 & 2 of the international curriculum (and includes all CLIMB tuition, registration, certificates, and mailing fees). $250 goes directly over-seas to the new school (for their startup costs) and no further charges are rendered by the CLIMB office for the new school’s continuous operation. Schools are then supported free of charge (including subsequent student registrations, CLIMB office administration, credits, and diplomas & certificates delivered to the colleges for their subsequent graduates).

You may designate your own country/missionary for us to contact or you may pick from the list of countries/cities needing sponsorship from our web page. If you designate your own country/missionary please include the contact’s name, mailing address, email address (if present) and language translation the materials need to be in. The CLIMB office will contact you so we can work out the details.