Correspondence School (COACS)

The CLIMB Online Alternative Correspondence School (COACS) was created primarily for International Students without access to a computer or the Internet. The cost of a prescribed textbook will be required by the student for a fee of approximate $25.00 (costs are subject to change based upon the current retail costs of the material and shipping and handling). The COACS Administrator will provide the current costs upon inquiry.

COACS is comprised of two learning curriculums designed to lay down a foundation in the first; then build upon the previous curriculum with a more advanced learning in the second. Successful completion of the first curriculum will yield a Certificate in Biblical Studies. Successful completion of the second curriculum will yield a Biblical Studies Diploma.

COACS Curriculum #1 – Certificate In Biblical Studies
1.   Life of Christ
2.   Acts
3.   New Testament
4.   Old Testament
5.   Hermeneutics
6.   History of Bible
7.   Church History
8.   Gospel of Luke

COACS Curriculum #2 – Biblical Diploma
9.   Theology
10.  Bibliology
11.   Angelology
12.  Anthropology
13.  Harmartiology
14.  Christology
15.  Soteriology
16.  Pneumatology
17.  Ecclesiology
18.  Eschatology
19.  Apologetics
20.  Gospel of John