Uganda/CLIMB Venue Update

CLIMB Ministry in Uganda: Rev Marcille Braman, Dr Dawn Lundgren, and CLIMB/Riverside Bishop to Africa Cosmas Salamba have officiated at four venues of CLIMB Bible School graduations: 1) Tororo Prison with graduating 50 CLIMB students 2) Village 10 young men & 3 women graduating 3) PST. Raphael’s Church: (Pastors) 65 present (100 total)! 4) Bufulubi Prison graduating 40 CLIMB students. 4) In Bugiri Prison there were about 34 CLIMB Students who will receive their certificates when they are released. A total of 237 CLIMB students receiving certificate in Biblical Studies. Some in attendence (who had not been in the CLIMB classes in the prison) came to hear the messages Marcee and Dawn delivered and asked “to be saved”. Amazing testimonies of God’s Grace & mercy! Men sentenced to many years for very minor crimes, simply because they couldn’t afford an attorney – others sentenced for 10, 15, 25, for more serious crimes, and now they have met the Lord! We are so blessed to have Marcie and Dawn pour out their passion in Christ for Uganda.