Domestic Course Requirements

To receive credit for a Domestic Course

The student is required to:

– Attend the defined minimum number of classes

– Write a graded summary paper (of defined length) based upon the credit weight of the class.

The summary paper will be written in 12 point font, single-spaced, with standard margins. Additional reference notes and/or bibliography may be added, but will not count towards the summary paper length.The summary paper will be graded by the instructor and count for 100% of the grade awarded for the course. All papers are to be handed into the instructor 2 weeks following the last class session.

1 credit courses – $60.00

Attend: 5 out of the 6 classroom sessions.
Write a: 4 to 6 page summary paper.

Extra Credit –  No Fee

An additional (maximum) 1/2 credit will be given for writing an extra credit paper or a book report (based upon a book pre-approved by the instructor).

Audit Classes – $30.00

The opportunity may be offered to audit certain classes based upon the approval of the CLIMB Board. Students attending classes on an audit basis will not have the opportunity to receive course credit or submit a summary/extra credit paper.